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We are delighted to welcome Xanthe Jones on board as our new quality governance operations manager. Xanthe has a wealth of experience, having previously worked at St Vincent’s Private Hospital for over 15 years. Though her young daughter keeps her extremely busy out of office, she is looking forward to the challenge of leading us into the upcoming accreditation period in August.

Accreditation is her immediate focus, but the dynamic nature of this role means Xanthe is across all areas of operation here at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and has a broader focus on quality mechanisms throughout the hospital. Xanthe is looking forward to the collaborative nature of the role, as she enjoys working with staff to achieve great outcomes for our patients. “When I can see the improvements and gains we make, it really motivates me, and I really enjoy that,” she says. “If I have got a body of work to do that is quite taxing, I enjoy achieving the goal – I get right into it. I’m very methodical, very practical.”

Her background is in special projects, having pioneered many such as a young adult mental health unit and an Extended Care Program for orthopaedic patients in her previous role. Her first-hand experience with creating patient engagement and satisfaction will help ensure our unwavering commitment to providing empowering, uncompromising care to patients is upheld while we adapt to the changing national standards of accreditation.

One of the most rewarding aspects of Xanthe’s work is networking. She values face-to-face communication over telephone or email conversation. In her role, communication is vital to ensuring that all the department managers and staff are united in their common goals to improve access and equity of care. “I really like seeing where people’s strengths are and supporting them in what we are trying to achieve.”

The role is an incredibly demanding one, and Xanthe enjoys using her down-time on weekends to socialize with her friends and young daughter, exercise and indulge in one of her great interests, dragon boat paddling. She has previously captained the St Vincent’s team and is keen on forming one with her new colleagues. “There are 20 seats in a boat, so we need 20 willing participants. We have about four days for training. So Lifehouse is going to give St Vincent’s a run for their money this year!”

Though she has lived in Australia for 32 years, Xanthe is originally from Scotland, and many of her family still live overseas. So far, her new Lifehouse family has been extremely accommodating as she embarks on this exciting new career path. “It’s a bit of a change but so far everyone has been really friendly and helpful. It feels like a good space to be in.”

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