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Congratulations to Professor Jonathan Clark and Ruta Gupta who were both awarded grants at the annual Australian and New Zealand Head and Neck Cancer Society (ANZHNCS) conference in Melbourne in July.

Head and neck surgeon Professor Clark received a grant of $10,000 for his reconstructive surgery project entitled The Bionic Lid Implant for Natural Eye Closure (BLINC). University of Sydney pathologist and long-time research collaborator with the head and neck team Ruta Gupta was also awarded $10,000 for her work on biological predictors on metastases in head and neck cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (SCC).

With a total of seven research presentations on SCC the conference was an opportunity to hear some of the latest research on the treatment of this cancer, covering topics like gene analysis, inherited genomic factors that would predispose patients to SCC and the impact of age on a patient’s prognosis.

SCC is a common type of head and neck cancer because most of the inner surfaces in the region like the mouth, nose and throat) are lined with mucosa that has a top layer of squamous cells.

We were delighted to welcome this year’s Chris O’Brien Travelling Fellow Dr Kevin Emerick from Massachusetts Eye and Ear. The Chris O’Brien Travelling Fellowship was established to encourage the exchange of the latest information in the science, practice and education of head and neck cancer and to establish professional and academic collaborations and friendships.

Dr Emerick was eager to observe the work of fellow head and neck surgeons in Australian and New Zealand. He said, “This is a wonderful opportunity to forge the relationships needed to make real change for head and neck patients dying of skin cancer.”

The head and neck team congratulates Dr Peter Luk for the award of a Sydney Catalyst Grant to investigate Understanding the Body’s Response to Cancer Invasion and Progression: Towards Assisting the Body’s Defence System in Fighting Cancer, Dr Luk is a close collaborator with Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, the University of Sydney and Sydney Catalyst and is focusing his research on head and neck SCC. He hopes to increase our understanding of the behaviour of this cancers and the body’s immune response to it.

And lastly, we are excited to announce our Head and Neck Cancer Oncology Nurse Education Day taking place on Friday 19 October from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm. The program brings together head and neck cancer clinicians from multiple disciplines to explore the latest developments in research, diagnosis and treatment for head and neck cancer. Register here before Friday 12 October.

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