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Arterie volunteer Katy Fitzgerald has helped to create the first Carterie artwork since the program was re-launched in November. When working together in the clinic, Katy and a female patient instantly connected over the patient’s ‘skull and crossbones’ mask and decided to create an abstract piece together.

Katy grew up in Orange, and her love of photography led her to working at the Stills Photographic Gallery in Paddington, which she then followed with training as a counsellor. Katy currently works at the Carer Gateway Counselling Service where she supports carers of people living with a range of illnesses from childhood autism to dementia.

“In all my roles the common denominator is my interest in connection and supporting people,” she explained. Katy says that the COBL Arterie program has always been calling her as she loves to work with like-minded people in a creative and giving way.

“Having been a bored hospital patient myself, I enjoy providing a lovely distraction for people in hospitals. I enjoy participating in the workshop series, and getting to know people over a period of time.”

Katy is continuously inspired by the diversity of mediums offered by Arterie and says that these have been able to inform her own artistic ability. She also spends her time volunteering at an NGO school near Delhi and in India. Through her 8 years volunteering with the program, Katy has been able to raise funds for the school and teach the children about art, writing and her biggest passion – photography.

“The most inspiring and rewarding thing I find is being able to provide the children with things they normally can’t have… and it’s loads of fun!”

We are so lucky to have generous and talented people like Katy working in our volunteer program, and we can’t wait to see what other works she will help create through Arterie!

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