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Blue September is about cancers affecting men. The most common ones that affect men in Australia are prostate, bowel, melanoma and lung cancer, prostate being the most prevalent.

It’s a fitting month to welcome Wendy Holmes, men’s and women’s physiotherapist, to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. Wendy specialises in problems related to the bladder, bowel and sexual function for both men and women individually. Cancer treatments like surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy can have unpleasant side effects. These may include incontinence, urgency, pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction.

In these cases, physiotherapy can help improve pelvic floor muscle function, promote sexual function, manage pelvic pain and deal with incontinence and urgency.

As a physiotherapist for over thirty years, Wendy began her career at RPA as a cardiopulmonary physiotherapist and worked for many years with intensive care patients. In 1997, she moved into the private hospital sector and became especially interested in men and women’s physiotherapy.

Wendy is thrilled to be working in the Newtown-Camperdown area again. “The building that was here before was Page Chest Pavilion. I actually spent most of my life at RPA in that building. One day recently, I rocked up and thought ‘Oh my God! They have knocked old Page down’ and here is Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. It’s such an inspirational place and I thought that this is a just a great place to help people with quality of life.”

While her focus is men and women’s physiotherapy, Wendy also works in vestibular physiotherapy helping patients with balance or dizziness concerns.

While this area of physiotherapy can be awkward for some, Wendy firmly believes that this should not deter anyone, “You’d think it was something that was really difficult, but it’s actually not. Just because it is a more taboo and harder to talk about area doesn’t meant that people shouldn’t come and seek help”.

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