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Raj Nair first heard about Chris O’Brien Lifehouse when he was contacted to be part of the project team. With a background in IT and finance, Raj’s role was to implement the software that would allow the hospital to manage its staff.

His job took him all over the hospital, visiting different departments and meeting the people that made them run. One of those areas was the volunteer department.

“I had a good feeling about the entire operation of the hospital, and about Chris O’Brien’s work. I thought to myself at that time that here was something I could possibly do when I retire,” says Raj.

In 2016, one year after retirement, he stopped in and signed up. When asked where he wanted to help, Raj was adamant – anything but finance or IT. That’s how he came to don the blue jacket of volunteer Concierge.

If you’ve stopped in at Lifehouse on a Thursday, you’ve probably seen him guiding visitors through the lobby and helping patients make their appointment on time. Raj says, volunteering has been one of the best decisions he’s ever made.

“What I’ve learned is that you’re giving, but you’re actually getting far more. It’s hard to quantify exactly what that is, but it’s a beautiful feeling.”

To anyone considering volunteering at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, Raj has this to say: “I would encourage everyone to seriously think about it and just jump in. Once you do a little bit you’ll see what a wonderful, wonderful experience it is.”

Learn more at www.mylifehouse.org.au/volunteer

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