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 In Arterie

We bid a fond farewell for now to Ro Murray, who has been our current Artist in Residence for the last three weeks. Ro is an artist and an architect and was one of our first Artists in Residence during the Arterie Pilot in 2014. Since that time Ro has continued to participate in numerous exhibitions and awards, continuing her explorations of place and identity.

Ro was also Artist in Residence with Arterie@RPA Hospital in 2016, where she drew on glass with acrylic markers, profiling  people across the hospital, each identified by their first name and postcode, hence the title PROFILE2050.

PORTRAIT1952 is a similar  project, identifying the community that makes up Chris O’Brien Lifehouse – our patients, carers, volunteers and staff.

Each portrait is a life-size silhouette painted onto the glass walls around the hospital. Each person is identified by the initial of their first name and their year of birth.

The portrayal of their features and clothes is treated as a collage of colour and pattern. The stylized life size shapes started appearing around the hospital earlier this month and are viewable across wards and corridors and via our central glass lifts.

As you walk around the hospital, you may even recognise some of the figures.

Thank you Ro for bringing the Lifehouse community to life in such a vibrant way.


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