Trial uses nanoparticles and radiation to fight sarcoma | Chris O'Brien Lifehouse
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Researcher specialists at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and surgeons at RPA Hospital in Sydney, which are both specialist NSW sarcoma centres, have opened an innovative trial injecting patients with a new agent that is activated by radiation therapy.
The agent is a nanoparticle called Hafnium which can be turned on and off by radiation, and which may shrink the cancer tumour.
Sarcoma is a type of cancer affecting connective tissue, including muscle, bone, fat and cartilage.
This cancer disproportionately affects young people, and is lethal – two in five will die.
Chris O’Brien Lifehouse radiation oncologist, Associate Professor Angela Hong says: “Early phase clinical trials carried out overseas showed very promising results.
“If this works, the technique could be applied to other cancers. We estimate the trial, if successful, will translate into changed practice within five years.”
Prof. David Thomas, board member of the Australian Sarcoma Study Group, said: “Trials like this one give hope to both sarcoma patients and specialists.”

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