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Last Thursday we were honoured to be the recipients for the third year of the SunStudios exhibition “This Time It’s Personal: 10 years, 100 photographers”.

As the name suggests, the exhibition brought together 100 photographers in the commercial space to share their personal work, with the intention of building community and raising money for Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

Mid-way through the night, Chris O’Brien Lifehouse gynaecological surgeon Clinical Associate Professor Trevor Tejada-Berges faced the masses to speak on the vision of Chris O’Brien and his experience as a cancer specialist.

“I’ll never forget this advice I received. Don’t just focus on that statistically significant ‘p-value’. Make sure to always emphasize the ‘h-values’. Those are the ‘humanistic’ values. That inherent value that comes simply from one human being caring for another human being. It is very appropriate that tonight’s exhibit is entitled, “This time it’s personal”.  And I would like to share a personal story with you.”

With this sentiment Professor Tejada-Berges spoke on his experience as the doctor of Jo Wallace. Jo herself then took the stage, thanking the guests and making a speech powerful enough to bring a tear to anyone’s eye.

“Every time I step foot into Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, I am treated with incredible kindness and compassion and am forever filled with a feeling of hope. As a fellow photographer, I’d like to thank the 100 photographers who very kindly donated their works here tonight. I know the hours of creative passion and hard work that goes behind each and every one of these images.”

The night was a huge success. From landscapes to profiles, video to print, the exhibition brought together a myriad of people, styles and personalities, all celebrating the up close and personal works of these incredibly talented photographers. Each print was available for purchase on the night, with all proceeds being donated to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. So far the exhibition has raised $11,000 for Lifehouse, and with the exhibition open until December 15, prints are still being sold. You can find these prints for sale on the SunStudios website.

We would like to thank SunStudios and Ilford designs for putting on such an incredible exhibition and to the 100 photographers who very generously donated their personal works to raise money for Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

Also a huge thank you to Daniele Massacci and SunStudios for the great photos of the night featured below.

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