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Above: Harriet (left) and sister, Emily (right)

When Harriet Ling came to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse in 2014, she had already been living with Ewing’s Sarcoma for two years.

Harriet quickly came under the care of Lifehouse medical oncologists, Dr Vivek Bhadri and Professor Martin Tattersall AO, and orthopaedic surgeon Dr Paul Stalley.

At the time, she was the first of Dr Stalley’s patients to have a 3D printed titanium hemi pelvis implant, preventing the need for a leg and partial pelvis amputation, a common treatment for this aggressive cancer.

To support Harriet and her care team, Catriona, Harriet’s mum, undertook her “bizarre claim to fame” in March 2018 – a nude open water swim – raising funds for Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

To further the fundraising efforts for Lifehouse, Harriet’s sister Emily ran the SMH half marathon in 2019. “I wanted to contribute something back to this phenomenal facility that made our terrible experience a little bit easier,” Emily said.

Harriet has now completed her treatment – and her first year of postgraduate medical school. “Harriet and Vivek now talk medical school rather than treatment when she has her scans and follow up appointments,” says Catriona.

“Viv and the staff at Lifehouse, including the beyond fabulous Keith Cox, not only saved Harriet’s life, they enabled her to have a life.”

The Ling family now contribute monthly to the Keith Cox Clinical Education Scholarships.

This donor-funded scholarship program enables allied or clinical staff to receive funding to further develop their health care education to better care for patients.

We are incredibly grateful to the Lings for their continued generosity.

To learn more about making a regular gift to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, please contact Kate Overton-Clarke at Kate.Overton-Clarke@lh.org.au or (02) 8514 0647

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