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“Pain is so personal and scary. Leona was able to reassure me that my pain was normal and could be managed.”

Two years ago, 33-year-old Emily was diagnosed with stage 2A cervical cancer that required significant surgery to treat. Emily woke from her surgery at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse under the care of Leona Djajadi, our specialised pain nurse.

“After the operation, Leona spent more time with me than the doctors were able to, just explaining why I was in pain and medication I was on. In that moment that’s what I needed – for my pain to be acknowledged and addressed.”

Since starting in her role, Leona has made a huge difference to the hospital, providing patient-centred care and fast relief for patients who are experiencing acute pain, both in the wards and through an outpatient clinic. She also provides hospital-wide training on new pain management systems, continuing to improve the level of care we provide our patients.

Leona’s position as a specialised pain nurse is wholly funded through generous donations made by our supporters. The care and relief she provides patients like Emily is made possible thanks to the support of our generous community.

Leona’s work is incredibly valuable and helpful,” says Emily. “I cannot thank the donors enough for supporting her position.”

Pictured above: Leona (left) and Emily (right)

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