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Chris O’Brien Bequest Society

The Chris O’Brien Bequest Society recognises and honours our supporters who have advised us they are leaving a gift in their Will to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. A gift to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse in your Will makes a significant and meaningful contribution to our work in creating a brighter future for people living with cancer.


Jessica Hore

Philippa Allison

Florence Claire & Jeffrey Barrow

Lorraine Carol Brown &
Gaetano (Tony) Bonanno

Don Chater

Marilyn & Ken Collins

Luise De Longueville

In Memory of
Dorothy Symblett

Jacqueline Farrar

Jan Hellen

Geoff & Jan Hudspeth

John Illy

Marilyn Jessen

Henryk Kitaszewski

Philip Lewis

Bronwyn MacLean

Tom McNamara

Josephine Moloney

Linda Newcombe

Annette Parkinson

Ray & Merilyn Philip

Anna, Frank & Patricia Quicler

Diane Rodgers

Dorothy Symblett

Gitta Trexler & Mark Nobel

Patricia Webster

In Memory of Douglas Yorath

Lucia Au

Nell Bartholomew

Sandra Boyd

Pearl Champion

Sarah Constantine

Lynne Doolan

In Memory of Nola Wagner

Elizabeth Farrar

Julian & Michaela Hofer

Louise Hugonnet

Roma Ingleby

Hilary Johnsen

Jan Lamb

Mr & Mrs Lord

Jeffrey Maxwell

Nanthaka Mitmanochai

Stephen Myers

Gail O’Brien

Lisa Panagiris

David Pollock

Margaret Redmond

Jason Shauness

John Thacker

Jeffrey Wai-Yee

Liza Whitfield

Frank Archer

Jacqueline Blomfield

Helen Campbell

Ian Clucas

Julie Corkery

In Memory of John Baxter

In Memory of Raymond Debus

Jack Frankham

Sue Hoopmann

In Memory of Alison Hunt

Catherine James

Geoffrey Jones

Debra Lardner

Jeanne Lucas

Judith McAlpine

In Memory of Denise Minge

Warren Newcombe

In Memory of Sam Perri

Warren & Patricia Paul

Vally Pra

Pamela Roberts

Rosemary Sheehy

In Memory of Irene &
Raymond Chambers

Dimity Watt

Jennifer Winton

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