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Music lover Arthur St Clair loves bringing his old rock ‘n roll records out for a spin. He notes that they are getting popular again, as a result of younger people getting into rockabilly.

Lifehouse monthly donor Arthur is a 72-year-old retiree. He went for a routine medical check-up in 2014 and received some irregular blood test results. A few more tests confirmed prostate cancer.

Arthur is grateful that the cancer was discovered early. “I had a positive outlook. If you’ve got it, you’ve got it and you just get through it.” He thinks this is what made him popular with the staff in radiation therapy.

“I tell everybody now, go and get checked! You can be walking around thinking that you are healthy. The bloke next door asked me a few questions and he went and had a check. He’s on prostate treatment now. Like me, they got him in time.”

Arthur is grateful for the treatment he received and that he now only comes to Lifehouse for check-ups. “Most of my family has had cancer. I can’t give much but I want to give something in return for all the care.”

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