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Check out the latest news stories featuring Lifehouse:

  • ABC News has reported on a pilot study at the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse has shown that exercise throughout cancer treatment could play an important role in improving people’s health.
  • Congratulations to Lifehouse Medical Oncologist Dr Kate Mahon who was awarded the 2018 Mundipharma ANZUP Uro-Oncology Clinical Research Fellowship to support her pioneering prostate cancer research.
  • Since the trial at Lifehouse of VR for patients receiving chemotherapy, more hospitals are beginning to explore the use of the technology in healthcare.
  • Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt appeared on Radio 2GB on the topic of private health insurers negotiating contracts with Lifehouse.
  • Cure Cancer Australia reports on the amazing achievement of Lifehouse radiation oncologists who developed the CancerAid app to help cancer patients.
  • MEDITECH launched its new web-based electronic medical record platform Expanse at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. The system is now live. It has also implemented the 6.x Oncology and Pharmacy software.
  • 17-year-old Macinley Butson has developed a shield that has been proven to protect women from radiation during breast cancer treatment. She tested the shield, called Smart Armour, here at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse which has shown to block up to 80% of radiation.
  • CancerAid is developing a new enhancing patient reported outcomes tool, and are working together in a study with the Head and Neck surgery unit here at Lifehouse.
  • Oncology Esthetics founder Morag Currin will be coming to Australia for a workshop. This visit coincides with Dermaviduals commencing discussions with Lifehouse and the McGrath Foundation to create an Oncology Aesthetics registered practitioners program.
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