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    Dr Tania Hossack

    Urological Surgeon

    MBBS (Hons), FRACS (UROL), MSurg


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    • Urological Oncology and Surgery

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    • Urological Surgery
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    Dr Tania Hossack is a consultant urologist at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and Western Sydney Area Health Service (Auburn, Westmead, Blacktown and Mt Druitt hospitals). She co-runs the uro-oncology clinic at the Crowned Princess Mary Cancer centre in Westmead.

     Tania studied at the University of Sydney under the assistance of the Norman Dunlop scholarship. During her time at medical school she was awarded the Wolfe Solomon Brown prize and John Irvine Hunter prizes. After graduating with first class honours she commenced her internship at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney. During surgical training she was award the Mark Killingback prize for best surgical presentation. During her general surgical training years she developed an interest in urology and after two years swapped specialties. After gaining her urology fellowship she undertook a Masters of Surgery (Urology) at the University of Sydney. She has published widely, and presented at local and international meetings. She is currently a senior lecturer at the University of Western Sydney.


    UWS – Senior Lecturer

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