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Suzanne Floro

    Suzanne Floro

    Having been diagnosed with cancer in 2015 and being extremely grateful for the ongoing treatment she has received at Lifehouse, Sue understands the challenges of cancer and is keen to give back to the community through patient advocacy.

    When Sue was diagnosed, her son was in early adolescence, and navigating through this process of diagnosis and treatment with her family taught her a lot about the impact it has on all members of the family. As the head of a leading independent Prep School in Sydney, Sue understands the impact of a cancer diagnosis for young children, as well as older members of the family as they deal with the impact on extended families.

    Sue is an educator with 30+ years’ experience and a passion for excellence and experience working on governing bodies.  Sue has participated in Schwartz Rounds at Lifehouse, in sharing her experience as a patient and drawing comparisons to the education world, which was well received.

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