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Shirley Baxter

    Shirley Baxter

    Shirley was previously the elected Co-Chair of the Partnership Advisory Council and has been a member since 2013. Shirley has extensive experience as an HR and corporate leadership executive with IBM.

    Having personally experienced the challenges of the cancer journey, Shirley became a passionate advocate for consumer engagement in cancer treatment and representing the voice of the patient at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

    In addition, Shirley strives to support the very best in cancer research of real world value to the community. As a Consumer Panel Reviewer Shirley participates in scoring and ranking grant applications for the Cancer Council of NSW and the National Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia. She also participates in presentations to research scientists about consumer engagement and successful grant applications.

    Shirley is a Consumer Representative and Associate Investigator on research projects at Lifehouse, the University of Sydney and the Garvan Institute. She is also a member of the Executive Committee of Cancer Voices, representing the voices of people affected by cancer.

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