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Dr Nikolaus Möckelmann

    Dr Nikolaus Möckelmann

    Niko trained in otolaryngology in Hamburg, Germany, and worked together with a former SHNCI fellow, Balasz Lörincz. Niko developed a strong interest for head and neck surgery and could gain insights into tumor biology and radiation response during a research year before he came to Sydney. During the Fellowship he learned many new aspects of head and neck cancer treatment from the great team at COB and could strengthen his skills in reconstruction.

    He is currently back in Germany as a consultant in head and neck surgery at the University Hospital in Hamburg.

    He enjoyed the year in Sydney with his wife, Julia, and their five months old daughter  Louisa. He and his family met lovely people in Sydney whilst enjoying various child-friendly activities. They will miss the scenic bush walks in the Royal National Park and the coastal walks around Port Jackson.

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