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Dr Michael YunaevBreast and General Surgeon

    Dr Michael Yunaev

    Breast and General Surgeon

    MBBS (U.Syd), MPH, BMedSci (Honours), MS (Breast Surgery), FRACS (General Surgery), BreastSurgANZ Oncoplastic Breast Fellow, Aesthetic Breast Fellow


    Phone: (02) 9819 7449
    Fax: (02) 9356 0460
    Email: info@bbclinic.com.au
    Website: www.bbclinic.com.au


    • Breast cancer
    • Breast (oncoplastic) surgery
    • General and cosmetic surgery

    Areas of interest

    • Benign and congenital breast disease
    • General surgery

    Languages spoken

    • Russian

    Dr Michael Yunaev is an oncoplastic breast, general and cosmetic surgeon and is the principal doctor at the Breast & Body Clinic. Dr Yunaev is a highly-trained surgeon with extensive experience in and a passion for the treatment of all aspects of breast cancer surgery, benign and congenital breast disease, aesthetic breast and body surgery and general surgery.

    Dr Yunaev completed his Fellowship in General Surgery with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons while based in Westmead Hospital as a registrar. As a consultant in general surgery he went on to do a further two-year fellowship through BreastSurgANZ, focusing on breast cancer surgery, breast reconstruction and oncoplastic techniques for breast conservation. He worked with some of Australia’s earliest pioneers in this field.

    During this time, he deepened his understanding of the underlying process and treatment of breast disease through a Master of Surgery at Sydney University. He also promoted improved training in oncoplastic breast surgery in Australia through his research and dissertation.

    After completing his Oncoplastic Fellowship, he went on to train as an aesthetic surgeon focusing on breast and body, training with Sydney’s leading plastic and cosmetic surgeons for a further two years. At the same time, he founded the Breast & Body Clinic to provide the benefits of his extensive training to his patients, with a focus on the provision of excellent patient-centred care.

    Dr Yunaev is an active member of the Breast Surgeons Australia and New Zealand Society, the Australasian Society for Breast Disease, General Surgeons Australia and the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. He is involved in the training of a younger generation of surgeons through the Royal College of Surgeons and is active in research in his chosen field.

    BreastSurgANZ, ASBD, GSA, RACS

    RACS Instructor on ASSET Coarse, SET General Surgery intake Interview Committee member.

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