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Dr Joel Smith

    Dr Joel Smith

    Joel completed his training in otolaryngology in the UK having graduated in medicine from the University of Birmingham. As part of his training he completed an MD in the molecular genetics of medullary thyroid cancer. Joel was fortunate enough to further his research interest in head neck and thyroid cancer during his Fellowship at SNHCI as well as immersing himself in the clinical aspects of ablative and reconstructive surgery. Joel has developed and continues to foster research collaborations between the UK and Sydney.

    He is currently a consultant head neck and thyroid surgeon at the University Hospital in Birmingham. Joel has started as a Consultant Head and Neck surgeon in Exeter, UK in 2017.

    Joel travelled to Sydney with his wife Cara, and his two children Barnaby (three years old) and Alexa (three months). They lived on Fairlight beach and unfortunately will never be able to recreate the spectacular views or the access to the outdoors and the sea. Joel will never forget sunrise over the harbor on the way to work on the Manly Ferry, nor the beer in the evening on the ferry back home.

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