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Dr James WykesDirector of Fellowship Program, Head and Neck Surgeon

Dr James Wykes

Director of Fellowship Program, Head and Neck Surgeon

BSci (Med) MBBS (Hons) FRACS


Phone: (02) 9822 5331
(02) 9475 5391


  • General Surgeon – Head and Neck surgery including microvascular reconstruction

Areas of Interest

  • Advanced Cutaneous and Mucosal Tumours
  • Thyroid and Salivary Gland Cancers
  • Head and Neck Reconstruction

James completed his medical training at UNSW in 2005. He undertook his general surgical training in Sydney and completed his FRACS in 2012. He then undertook post-fellowship training in head and neck surgery  and microvascular reconstruction at Liverpool Hospital in 2013, the Sydney Head and Neck Cancer Institute at RPA and Lifehouse in 2014 and St George’s Hospital in London, UK, 2016 in the maxillofacial surgery unit.

James works as a listing medical officer in Head and Neck Surgery at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, RPA, The Wollongong Hospital, Wollongong Private Hospital and Bankstown Hospital.

His clinical practice encompasses the treatment of cutaneous and mucosal tumours of the head and neck, benign and malignant salivary gland, thyroid and parathyroid gland disease. This includes microvascular free flap reconstruction of the head and neck. James also participates in the general surgery on call roster at Wollongong and Bankstown Hospitals, as well as the facial trauma roster at Wollongong Hospital.

James is the director of the head and neck fellowship program at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

His research interests include clinical research in advanced cutaneous and mucosal malignancy of the head and neck, thyroid and salivary gland cancer and microvascular reconstruction outcomes.

Outside of work, James enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 young sons, who all love the great outdoors, especially the beach.

Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Sydney

Senior Clinical Lecturer University of Wollongong

Clinical Lecturer UNSW


Book Chapters

James Wykes, Jonathan Clark, Navin Niles: The Role of Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy in Non-melanoma Skin Cancer of the Head and Neck. Non-melanoma Skin Cancer of the Head and Neck, 01/2015: pages 83-91; , ISBN: 978-81-322-2496-9, DOI:10.1007/978-81-322-2497-6_7

Journal Publications

Kenneth Lai, Slade Matthews, James S. Wilmott, Murray C. Killingsworth, Jim L. Yong, Nicole J. Caixeiro, James Wykes, Allan Samakeh, Dion Forstner, Mark Lee, John McGuinness, Navin Niles, Angela Hong, Ardalan Ebrahimi, Cheok Soon Lee: Differences in LC3B expression and prognostic implications in oropharyngeal and oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma patients. BMC Cancer 12/2018; 18(1)., DOI:10.1186/s12885-018-4536-x

Bryan Minh Tran, David James Roshan, Earl Abraham, Laura Y Wang, Natalia Garibotto, James Wykes, Peter Campbell, Ardalan Ebrahimi: The Prognostic Impact of Tumor Size in Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma is Modified by Age. Thyroid 06/2018; 28(8)., DOI:10.1089/thy.2017.0607

Earl Abraham, Bryan Tran, David Roshan, Susannah Graham, Christopher Lehane, James Wykes, Peter Campbell, Ardalan Ebrahimi: Microscopic positive margins in papillary thyroid cancer do not impact disease recurrence: Microscopic positive margins. ANZ Journal of Surgery 04/2018;, DOI:10.1111/ans.14490

Bryan Tran, David Roshan, Earl Abraham, Laura Wang, Natalia Garibotto, James Wykes, Peter Campbell, Ardalan Ebrahimi: An Analysis of The American Joint Committee on Cancer 8th Edition T Staging System for Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 04/2018; 103(6)., DOI:10.1210/jc.2017-02551

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Lai, S. Matthews, J. Wilmott, M. Killingsworth, N. Caixeiro, J. Wykes, A. Samakeh, D. Forstner, N. Niles, A. Hong, C.S. Lee: High LC3C expression correlates with poor survival in oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma patients. Pathology 02/2017; 49(1):S141-S142., DOI:10.1016/j.pathol.2016.09.060

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