Helena Lee | Chris O'Brien Lifehouse
Helena LeeBreast Cancer Specialist Nurse

    Helena Lee

    Breast Cancer Nurse Specialist

    BCN, GradCertCanHaemN

    Helena started at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse in 2015 when we first opened our surgical wards. Starting as a Senior Nurse, Helena quickly became a Clinical Nurse Specialist which led to her eventually working as a Breast Cancer Nurse Specialist for the breast department.

    Helena is the go to person to contact for her patients if they have any concerns regarding symptoms and is then able to coordinate appropriate care with the multidisciplinary team.

    “I love my job because it allows me to work collaboratively with patiients and other nurses and the multidisciplinary team to meet health care needs. It is a privilege for me to have a piece of their life as they go through their journey”

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