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Emma ChartersSpeech Pathologist

    Emma Charters

    Emma Charters is a Speech Pathologist at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. She graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in 2008 from the University of Sydney and has spent the past ten years working in tertiary referral hospitals in Sydney. She transitioned to Lifehouse in order to consolidate her time working with people who have communication and swallowing disorders relating to a cancer diagnosis.

    Emma is currently undertaking her Masters in Research through the University of Sydney and is passionate about seeking to integrate research into clinical practice to ensure up to date and patient centred care.

    Working at Lifehouse has allowed her to pursue her interest in speech and swallowing disorders in a range of clinical populations including head and neck cancer and neurosurgery. She has a keen interest in teaching and training and is inspired by the collaborative care which can be achieved working in a multidisciplinary team of like-minded people.

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