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Eileen HannaganChief Executive Officer

    Eileen Hannagan

    Chief Executive Officer

    In February 2014, Eileen was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. Eileen has 30 years’ experience in health care, as nurse, manager and the last 15 years as senior executive. Eileen has studied Commerce and Health Administration, and holds a Masters degree in Business.

    Eileen previously held the position of Chief Operating Officer for St Vincent’s and Mercy Private Hospital in Victoria, before being appointed to manage one of Australia’s largest private hospitals, Epworth Richmond as the Executive Director. During her tenure at Epworth Richmond, she managed day to day operations during an ongoing $700M major redevelopment and has commissioned several new areas.

    In all her previous roles, Eileen has worked closely with clinical teams, allied health partners, hospital business units, research departments and federal and state governments to ensure positive healthcare outcomes and improve patient experience.

    Passionate about ensuring the realisation of the Lifehouse vision, Eileen will spend the coming six months focused on reviewing policies and procedures to enhance and improve the patient experience at Lifehouse.

    Eileen’s priority is to provide the leadership required to complete the next phase of development and operations of Lifehouse and deliver on our vision of uncompromising care.

    Eileen has recently moved to Sydney from Melbourne with her husband. She enjoys spending time with her son and daughter who live in Melbourne and New York.

    “As CEO of Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, my priority is to deliver on our vision of uncompromising care, by providing the leadership required to complete the next phase of development and operations.”

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