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Dr Crispin CorteGastroenterologist

Dr Crispin Corte


BSc (Med), MB, BS (Hons), FRACP


Phone: (02) 9519 8689
Fax: (02) 9550 1649
Email: info@alfredgastro.com.au
Website: www.alfredgastro.com.au

Practice address

RPA Medical Centre
Suite 202 RPA Medical Centre
100 Carillon Ave
Newtown  NSW  2042


Inflammatory and Neoplastic Bowel Diseases
Therapeutic Endoscopy

Special Interests / Areas of Research

  • Quality in Colonoscopy
  • Image enhancement in colonoscopy
  • Bowel cancer screening
  • Patient experience in colonoscopy
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Scoring systems for colonoscopy

Crispin Corte is the clinical lead of the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse Rapid Access Endoscopy program and has been working in Lifehouse theatres since their opening in 2014. He works as a clinical lecturer at Sydney University faculty of medicine, a gastroenterologist and researcher at Concord Hospital in the inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) unit, and at Macquarie University Hospital.

Crispin completed specialist training in Sydney in 2010, undertaking a fellowship in advanced endoscopy and endoscopic ultrasound. He was retained by Concord Hospital as a consultant gastroenterologist immediately after obtaining fellowship from the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, whilst he worked on his doctoral research, before transferring to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford (UK) to continue research in IBD and colonoscopy.

While in Oxford, he studied IBD under Simon Travis, immediate past president of the European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation (ECCO), and published papers on IBD and quality assurance and safety in colonoscopy. He is published in colonoscopy, colon cancer screening, IBD research and advanced endoscopy, and has received awards and grants locally and overseas. His research into the use of pharmacological agents to improve polyp detection was the first of its kind.

He is the recipient of the GESA IBD clinician establishment grant for 2015-2016, the GESA grant in aid award 2011, and the distinguished teacher award (RPA) 2011, amongst other awards.

Crispin has a particular interest in high quality patient care, and providing state of the art services in colonoscopy, gastrointestinal cancer screening and IBD. Crispin welcomes referrals to the Lifehouse RAE program.

Patients can schedule consultations at the RPA Medical Centre (9519 8689), Macquarie University Clinic (9812 3880) or the Concord Medical Centre (9767 7908).

Current Teaching Positions

Current Teaching Positions

  • University of Sydney
    Faculty of Medicine
    Clinical Lecturer
  • Macquarie University
    Faculty of Medicine
    Clinical Lecturer
Professional Associations

Professional Associations

  • Gastroenterology Society of Australia
  • American Gastroenterology Association
  • Australian IBD Association.

Q&A with Dr Crispin Corte

My first job was...

Packing crates in a warehouse in Asquith!

To explain to people what I do I say…

I care for patients with abdominal problems; diagnose, manage and treat stomach, intestinal and bowel disorders. I use cameras to look inside the gastrointestinal tract to diagnose and treat stomach and bowel issues.

The hardest part about my job...

Finding an incurable cancer in a patient, when a diagnosis has been delayed. It is terribly hard to make sense of the destruction and disruption of disease on the lives and families of patients in my care, but I am amazed by the resilience, spirit and power that this so often elicits from patients and families.

What I enjoy most about my job...

I’m a people person! I love meeting new people and hearing their stories. In addition I am fascinated by the drug and technological developments in my field, so gastroenterology is a great combination of my two joys.

I've been working at Lifehouse since...

Since the opening of theatres, I operated on patients in the first week of Lifehouse’s inpatient opening.

What attracted me to working at Lifehouse was...

Lifehouse embodies the light, spirit, teamwork, broadmindedness and patient centred ethos that I want to bring to my work. From the mission statement to the design of the building, Lifehouse has a focus on caring for the whole patient. My work is only one small part in this journey, but Lifehouse is a home for cancer prevention and cancer screening and associated research.

The thing about Lifehouse that's unique is...

Lifehouse embodies a vision of a particular type of patient care. The strength of this vision has in turn attracted a particular type of team member, meaning that the whole building from CEO to reception staff share a particular hope and aim for patient care. The notion that a healthcare workplace can be based on this kind of approach is unique, and as such, the team caring for each patient offer an experience that is unlikely to be encountered elsewhere.

My biggest achievement so far...

My family. I’m a proud dad to three young children and husband to the best mum and GP in Sydney. I’m very proud of my patient care, my research and my practice but I’m most proud when I see my family together.

To unwind at the end of the day I...

Visit a second hand bookstore, read a book (Alice Munro, Haruki Murakami at the moment) and share a plate of pasta and a glass of wine with my wife Vanessa.

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