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Beverley Noble

    Beverley Noble

    With a background in social welfare, Beverley is highly experienced in understanding and navigating the health system. She has an active interest in health policy development and improving the lives of cancer patients in Australia.

    Beverley owned and managed her own successful small business for over 15 years and holds a Diploma of Welfare. She raised three children and is the proud grandmother to six. She is also a spectacular cook and loves to travel.

    As a breast cancer survivor for over 13 years, Beverley brings a wealth of life experience to her role as an active cancer advocate. She is passionate about cancer and palliative care advocacy and joined Breast Cancer Action Group and Cancer Voices in 2000, where she holds a position on the executive committee.

    Beverley also experienced the role of a carer first-hand when her life partner was diagnosed with prostate, bladder, bowel, lung and brain cancer in 2002. She supported him throughout his terminal illness journey, further developing her knowledge of cancer and palliative care treatments as well as reinforcing her commitment to supporting cancer patients and their carers.

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