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Jessica Poon has joined the Lifehouse LivingRoom team as a lymphoedema therapist, which is a physiotherapist who specialises in treating lymphoedema.

Lymphoedema is the abnormal accumulation of fluid due to malformation or trauma to the lymphatic system. It is a common side effect of cancer treatment. Jessica says: “It’s not such a well known area of medicine and is only just starting to get recognition from more and more health professionals. I often find that the most difficult part of my job is making people aware of what it is and who is at risk so that patients can be identified and treated early on in their cancer journey.” Her treatment involves restoring function and enabling patients to get back to enjoying activities they love.

Jessica was first attracted to Lifehouse through hearing about Chris O’Brien and the work he did. “In 2012 I jumped at the chance to help raise money for Lifehouse by taking part in the 200km Ride to Conquer Cancer and since then I’ve been inspired by the work done in the hospital and wanted to be part of it.” She finds her work rewarding. “I love that I can make a difference in a person’s quality of life.”

When she’s not providing a supportive and positive environment for patients to seek advice and learn techniques to manage their lymphoedema, Jessica is hanging out with her dogs Didge and Layla.

For information on the LivingRoom, follow this link: http://www.mylifehouse.org.au/services/complementary-therapy/

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