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Vivian Anne Tama was born in Taree NSW on 3rd October 1954, sadly passed away on 2nd October 2016.  She is survived by her three children; David, Gabriela & Michael, her granddaughter Izabella and her sister Rhona.

Vivian had always been passionate about travelling and this passion took her around the world, she was a very accomplished traveller who had a special fondness for Italy. She loved all things Italian. She had recently completed her 15 years of service at Thai Airways where she was loved and respected.

Vivian was a fighter and the eternal optimist, She was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, 18 months earlier, at the time she thought, piece of cake she would beat it. But soon after the surgery the real battle began, being allergic to chemo and having an infection which hospitalised her in Lifehouse for over 2 months was just the start.  All the staff loved her at Lifehouse, her positivity and fun nature and warm cuddles when they needed them.  By the beginning of 2016 all seemed on the up and up when that horrible disease called cancer struck again, this time it was in her spine, but she trusted in the doctors and remained positive. A few months later it appeared in her brain and once again, her sunshine of positivity and optimism shone through.  Let’s just say the rest of her story doesn’t end too well but one thing that stood out was that Vivian was never alone, she had an abundance of friends who visited and her family was by her side the whole time.  She often was more concerned about what was happening in everyone else’s life and how she could help or advise than the massive amount of constant pain she was in.

Vivian was loved by all who met her, she will be remembered and missed for her loving friendly nature.

She was the eternal optimist

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