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Tom was a passionate man and he followed his varied interests with enthusiasm. He shared his life with his wife Helen for 51 years. They had one daughter, Genevieve, of whom he was immensely proud. 

Music was an enormous source of pleasure all his life and he played trumpet from the age of 12 in a brass band. Later, he added playing in an orchestra to his achievements. He was a regular subscriber to the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and attended concerts from the age of 18.

Cars fascinated him especially of the marque Citroën. Over the years he owned many cars and restored a rare 1951 Traction Avant. His cars were used! Just before his death he had travelled 11,500 kilometres in a Citroën 2CV from Sydney to Arhnemland and back via Queensland.

Travel was another important aspect of his life and he with Helen and often Genevieve had explored every corner of Australia overland either by car, coach or train. He loved Australia: the birds, animals and scenery it offered.

However his travel was not restricted to Australia and he had covered Asia, Europe, USA and South America.

He was a passionate advocate of public education and worked all his professional life promoting it either as a French teacher, a High School principal or a district supervisor helping other teachers.

His chosen teaching subject of French took him and his family off to France many, many times, living there for a time and he made lasting friendships.

He was not a sporting person but he loved fishing and like a hunter-gatherer he only caught what would be eaten. A very special warm person, he inspired many people and made us laugh.

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