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Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

Luigino lived his life according to this quote, he lived every minute of his life to the fullest and he was always very happy.

Luigino was a bathroom tiler and he was a hard worker. Luigino always dreamt big!

He migrated to Sydney, Australia in 1959 and loved being Australian even though he was born in a little town called Asolo; 80km north of Venice, Italy.

Luigino’s greatest achievement was the family he created with his wife, Graziella. He was so proud of his 3 daughters, Moira, Katia and Sonia. He adored them and even though he thought he was ‘the tough man’ of the house they knew he was all heart. He was also very happy when he shared a beer and had intense discussions about politics, business and sport with his much loved son in laws; Giovanni, Diego and Danny. However, they never knew as much as he did.

His grandchildren Rebecca, Julia, Thomas, Jessica, Louis, Gaia, Drago and his 3 step-grandchildren Adrian, Julian and Liam brought him much joy. As his family grew so did Luigino’s dinner table. It was long and always filled with many happy faces and it definitely was loud. However he still sat at the head of the table and always had something to say.

Luigino leaves his loving wife Graziella of 47 years, three daughters, their husbands and 10 grandchildren.

Luigino’s legacy will always live on.

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