Five years: Changing the face of cancer

On 18 November 2018, Chris O’Brien Lifehouse celebrated five years in operation. With an eye to the future, the comprehensive cancer centre looks back on five years of challenges and triumphs.

Caleb Scott

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The fight for Caleb’s smile

When 9-year-old Caleb emerged from brain surgery, his tumour was gone but so was most of the movement on the right side of his body. This is the story of how a surgeon, a family, and a brain cancer charity band together to fix a young boy’s smile.



Like family: A carer returns to volunteer

Jan Oxwell spent many months caring for her husband Ernie at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. Little did she know that the hospital would become her new home.


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Gail O’Brien: Patient Advocate

Her late husband’s legacy made Lifehouse possible, but Gail O’Brien ensures that his vision lives on.

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