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July was an incredibly busy month as the hard work, dedication and skills of some wonderful Lifehouse employees were featured in the news, alongside some innovative and inspiring fundraising initiatives:

  • The wonderful Shannon Philp was featured in The Daily Telegraph for being the first nurse practitioner to win the prestigious 2019 Jeanne Ferris Cancer Australia Recognition Award.
  • Shannon also spoke to the Sydney Morning Herald about the unfortunate reality of placenta cancer, and why it can be so difficult to diagnose. Gynaecological cancers are now the third most commonly diagnosed cancers in Australian women.
  • A Blayney florist has been inspired to raise money for families struggling with cancer after losing her young niece, and has pledged donations for Chris O’Brien Lifehouse from the sales of her bright and unique rainbow roses.
  • If you’re a fan of Evenings with ABC Radio, you would have heard Jane Aliker speak with Chris Bath about the Patient Chef. She spoke about the inspiration behind her wonderful resource in anticipation of World Head and Neck Cancer Day on July 27. You can tune in at 1 hour 37 minutes to hear their chat.
  • Lifehouse patient Kylie Cilek spoke to Nine News about the use of breast cancer chemotherapy in treating her tongue cancer and her dream to go to Disneyland with her young daughter
  • After being diagnosed with breast cancer and having one breast removed, patient Nina Remollino wasn’t willing to live with the fear and potential of recurrence in her other breast. She invited the Today Show to document her remarkable journey as she had her second breast removed, a tummy tuck and a full breast reconstruction…all in the one surgery.
  • 8-year old Xavier from Newcastle was inspired to raise money to cure cancer after his Pop and a family friend were treated at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. Last year he was our biggest fundraiser for Surfebruary raising $12000. This year he’s gone one step further and created Good Karma X to engage local businesses in the fight.
  • The annual Brothers IV Brothers charity football match was held in Orange. Founder Bryn Robertson spoke to the Central Western Daily about donating funds to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and the personal motivations behind both clubs competing in the event.
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