Better outcomes for breast reconstruction patients with ‘nipple-saving’ SPY machine | Chris O'Brien Lifehouse
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Armed with the new SPY Elite, Associate Professor Sanjay Warrier is delivering safer and more complex breast reconstruction procedures for women who have had a mastectomy.

Using fluorescent imaging technology, the machine allows surgeons to monitor blood flow to different areas of the breast during surgery. Low circulation puts patients at risk of failed reconstruction, with tissue damage and infection. With SPY, A/Prof Warrier can feel confident performing riskier procedures to deliver better results.

Made possible with the help of the Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation, the machine has so far been used in over 70 surgeries. “[Using SPY] I can be certain that the skin will stay alive after the surgery … it has changed my decisions for patients in a significant number of cases,” says A/Prof Warrier.

Safe and successful breast reconstruction can significantly improve the quality of life for women after mastectomy. We are thankful to the Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation and to the donors who have made this procedure available to so many.

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