Specialist dental care at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse | Chris O'Brien Lifehouse
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Head and neck cancer and its treatment can impact significantly on the mouth, tongue and teeth. For this reason, dental services are a crucial component at every stage of treatment.

With your support, we have opened a comprehensive dental clinic at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. This new service will transform outcomes for those who face devastating facial and oral impairment as a result of cancer surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

The dental clinic houses a full suite of dental equipment as well as technology and machinery for advanced prosthodontic and dental rehabilitation. This includes services for restoration of speech, control of saliva, swallowing and chewing, replacement of teeth and restoration of facial defects.

“The mouth is the gateway to human health,” says A/Prof Carsten Palme, Director of Head and Neck Cancer Surgery at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. “Cancer treatment that results in loss or damage to the teeth or jaw can affect many areas of a person’s life, from their nutrition to their ability to communicate. Dental treatment for head and neck cancer can completely transform a patient’s life. We are very grateful to our donors for enabling us to create this service that will vastly improve outcomes for our patients.”

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