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The incredible generosity of our donor community has enabled us to open new lines of research into lung cancer, giving hope to patients for better outcomes. Some of these projects include examining the effectiveness of immunotherapy in certain lung cancer types, and developing a novel blood test that will detect whether a person’s cancer has returned after treatment.

We are excited to announce that this program of lung cancer research has received a boost in funding thanks to a significant philanthropic gift of $2.4M made by the Lo family The Lo family have been supporters of Chris O’Brien Lifehouse since its inception and we are grateful for their continued support of our mission to improve the quality of life for people with cancer.

Barbara Kam Ling Lo was a patient of Professor Michael Boyer AM. Barbara was a generous and community-minded person and while being treated for lung cancer was inspired by the vision to create a comprehensive cancer centre that would be accessible to all. Barbara passed away in 2014, and her family remained key supporters as Chris O’Brien Lifehouse became established as a world-class integrated cancer hospital.

A spokesperson from the Lo family said, “We have had many friends and colleagues treated at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and we know the incredible value this centre brings to our community. That’s why we continue to give back.”

The Lo family’s donation will support the work of Professor Boyer in his role as the Barbara Kam Ling Lo Chair of Lung and Thoracic Cancer.

We are grateful to the Los and our wonderful community of donors who continue to enable great achievements in research. Your generosity helps provide the resources needed to undertake research and translate discovery, helping improve quality of life and provide better outcomes for people with lung cancer.

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