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On February 4, World Cancer Day, Sharon Walker and her lovely family did an amazingly brave thing.  In honour of Sharon’s mum who was diagnosed late November 2016 with endometrial cancer, Sharon shaved her head and her beautiful daughters Tayla and Rhiannon both coloured their hair.

Says Sharon “Mum’s always been very naughty at not going to doctors! She ended up having a hysterectomy the just before Christmas and she now has to undergo six rounds of chemo, and a short stint of radiation, but she is all clear. The treatments are just a precaution.”

Sharon’s Dad is also a cancer survivor and he too shaved his head.

“He had throat cancer 27 years ago, and lived to tell the tale, after many radiation treatments. He has very little voice, but he’s alive!  We feel pretty bloody lucky to have them around still, so we wanted to give something back.”

Sharon and her girls raised over $1,200 We are very grateful for their support and as Sharon says, “Cancer schmancer! We’ll show it!”

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