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Lymphoedema is the abnormal accumulation of fluid due to malformation or trauma to the lymphatic system. It is a common side effect of cancer treatment. Lymphoedema therapy centres on empowering patients to manage their chronic condition through structured reduction and management phases. It offers a broad range of therapies including:

  • Early intervention screening following cancer surgeries
  • Education on prevention
  • Assessment of new and chronic oedemas
  • Exercise prescription
  • Compression bandaging
  • Compression garment prescription – custom made and ready to wear products
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Scar management
  • Self-management techniques

Meet our team

ALA Accredited Lymphoedema Practitioner
Continence & Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation
Member:  ALA, APA

Wendy Holmes has over 30 years of experience in varied clinical areas including intensive care, cardiothoracic surgery, respiratory medicine, men’s and woman’s pelvic floor rehabilitation and vestibular rehabilitation.  She completed her lymphoedema Therapy training in 2017.  Working in the LivingRoom has provided an opportunity to use all her accumulated skills and knowledge to help people recover from cancer treatment as well as manage their lymphoedema.  Wendy is passionate about early intervention and monitoring post-surgery as a means of reducing the severity and impact of lymphoedema.   She believes in providing a caring environment which supports patients and their families and provides the knowledge and tools to obtain the best outcomes for each individual as they progress through their cancer treatment.

jessica kyneur

Jessica is a physiotherapist who specialises in treating lymphoedema. She graduated from the University of Sydney in 2008 and began her career as a rotating physiotherapist, seeing patients from wards including intensive care, cardiothoracics, orthopaedics, respiratory, neurology and rehabilitation. Jessica’s focus is now on educating patients on lymphoedema and identifying those who are at risk so that they can be treated early on in their cancer journey. She aims to provide a positive and supportive environment where patients can seek advice and learn techniques to self-manage their lymphoedema. This can involve making patients more comfortable, restoring function and enabling them to get back to doing the things they love.


Sandy has been a remedial therapist since 1989, an occupational therapist since 1995, an oncology massage therapist from 2014 and qualified as a lymphoedema therapist in April 2017. She has strong links with the allied health community of Northern, Eastern and Inner West Sydney and a strong association with the Physiocise ™ group.

Sandy’s combined and diverse years of experience afford her a wide perspective on the many challenges a cancer diagnosis can have on a person. She is especially interested in lymphoedema and its effect on quality of life. Together with her colleague Jessica Kyneur, Sandy has established the lymphoedema early intervention program (LEAP) at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse so that anyone facing the possibility of lymphoedema can be assessed and treated early to minimise the effects of the condition and be supported through the challenges of the diagnosis.

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Patients who are referred by their GP under a management or care plan may be entitled to claim a rebate either from Medicare or their private health insurance, depending on level of cover.

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