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What is the Living Well Program?

After a bone marrow transplant, it is normal to experience an extended period of physical, emotional and psychological fatigue. This is known as cancer related fatigue, and can include symptoms such as muscle weakness, reduced alertness and mental clarity, sleeping difficulties and mood changes in addition to physical tiredness. If left untreated, cancer related fatigue can persist for many months or years after treatment and significantly impact your quality of life.

The Living Well program is an evidence-based program designed specifically to assist and support you to break the cycle of cancer related fatigue after a bone marrow transplant, and regain your physical and emotional strength.

Situated within the LivingRoom complementary medicine centre, the Living Well program is an eight-week program of exercise, nutrition and psychological and peer support. Each weekly session runs for two hours, with an hour dedicated to education, presentation and discussion, followed by an hour of personalised exercise training in a small group setting, guided by an exercise physiologist.

What are the benefits?

Recent studies suggest that exercise is beneficial in counteracting cancer related fatigue. The guided exercise portion of the program will assist you to rebuild your fitness, strength and stamina, improve sleep patterns and reduce fatigue.

Education sessions will give you the opportunity to meet and speak with professionals and other patients who have lived a transplant experience, and gain valuable support and information to assist you through your recovery process.

How to join:

To book a place in the Living Well program, contact the LivingRoom on:

Phone: (02) 8514 0038

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