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Arterie welcomes everyone.

Arterie is an innovative inter-disciplinary model of art in healthcare practice, specifically designed to improve outcomes for Chris O’Brien Lifehouse patients, families, carers and staff by easing the side effects of cancer and its treatment such as stress, pain, fatigue, isolation and depression. Arterie participates in a way that fits with the patient’s treatment – it is non-invasive, inclusive and supportive. All Arterie team members are qualified practising artists who are committed to enhancing the Lifehouse experience for patients, families, carers, visitors and staff members through a variety of art engagements.

If you’re interested in volunteering with us, click here.


We gratefully accept donations of 100% wool or cotton hand-made blankets and beanies for our patients. In the past we have received art supplies but sadly we can no longer accept these due to COVID-19 and the quantity that we already have.

If you would like to knit or crochet a beanie for our patients, we have two patterns. Please use pure cotton or wool, with a loose stitch in any colour.

2021 Program

Each month we welcome an artist-in-residence to the foyer to create a work of art. It’s a wonderful opportunity to observe the work unfold and to engage with the artist about their medium and what inspires them. We encourage you to stop and have a chat.

We also have a series of workshops inspired by Australian artists. We work across range of media including ceramics, assemblage, painting and sculpture. We’ve chosen a really diverse group of Australia’s greats to inspire us, including John Olsen and Rosalie Gascoigne. Click on the images below to see the full schedule:

Upcoming Events

Carterie mobile studios

Carterie is a mobile art studio that is delivered to treatment and waiting spaces, wards and clinics by trained ‘Carterists’. Using a repurposed hospital trolley filled with art activities with materials and instructions included, the projects cater for all types of patients. They are designed with a choice of medium, level of complexity and skill. Finished projects collected and displayed as a collaborative patient and staff public artwork.


Open Studio

A drop-in art and craft making studio where participants work with the Arterie team on current projects, or their own creative projects. Open Studio provides a regular weekly art space, some creative materials and social inclusion for all patients and their carers, volunteers and staff. No experience or skill is required, just an open mind!



Our group workshops provide educational, information and skill-building engagements. Each workshop is designed for specific group and has a core teaching component. There are many social benefits like connection, shared experiences, social inclusion, and team building. We hold these in public spaces, giving our wider community the ability to both observe and take part.


Art and health lectures

The Arterie Public Lecture Series is designed to educate, inform and showcase the overlap between art and wellbeing. The monthly series includes speakers from the worlds of art and health including gallery and museum curators, designers, architects, academics, health professionals and artists.


Artist in Residence

This element gives our community the chance to engage with and observe a practicing professional artist. The artist works in a public space within the hospital to create pieces of art which are then donated back to the hospital and put on display. By leaving a trace of their work and the themes embodied within it, we create an ongoing dialogue inside the hospital. The artist is highly visible, and we encourage all visitors to stop and talk or observe, or even work alongside them.


Training + Education

Arts + Health Training is for people who are interested in exploring the arts + health profession. Twelve-month placements are available via our intern program, with a minimum one-day commitment a week.  The training covers all three Arterie programs and includes project design and delivery, infection control, communication skills, display, budget, and administration around arts + health policies and procedures. Starting February 2021.


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