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Supportive Care

Our integrated model of care means that patients can access evidence-based complementary therapies and allied health services alongside specialist cancer care, all in one place. A team of supportive care professionals work together across multiple disciplines to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Supportive Care

Integrative Oncology & Complementary Therapies

The Lifehouse LivingRoom offers a range of evidence-based complementary therapies to help you live well with cancer. All our practitioners have specialised in oncology care.

Allied Health

Our allied health practitioners are skilled medical professionals who work with doctors and nurses to support you through your cancer treatment, who focus on protecting and restoring physical, psychological, cognitive, and social functions.

Meet Dr Toni Lindsay, Director of Allied Health.

Lifehouse LivingRoom

Oncology Massage

The LivingRoom is the home of Supportive Cancer Care and Integrative Medicine at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. Located on the ground floor, The LivingRoom offers evidence-based complementary therapies as part of the overall package of cancer care.

Phone: (02) 8514 0038


Supportive Care & Integrative Oncology Specialist A/Prof Judith Lacey

Living with cancer and its associated side effects can involve symptoms that impact your well-being. Irrespective of the stage of disease, a supportive and integrative oncology specialist can assist in improving one’s quality of life and sense of wellbeing. A/Prof Judith Lacey can help address symptoms such as pain, fatigue, weight change and breathlessness, as well as psycho-social, emotional and spiritual concerns.


Inpatient Services

Most supportive care services can be accessed from the comfort of your room. Ask one of our friendly staff for help.
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Regional & Rural Patients

 We aim to make regional and rural patients and their families feel at home, not just within the hospital, but during all stages of their visit.
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Workshop Schedule

The LivingRoom offers an extensive range of paid and free workshops to suit your needs and skill level. Find one that works for you today. Read more >

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