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The latest plastic and reconstructive surgery  is offered by leading cancer surgeons at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, ensuring the restoration of natural appearance following significant or invasive surgery.

Reconstructive surgery aims to rebuild a part of the body that has been damaged or removed.

In cancer surgery it is important to have both the oncologic surgeon and reconstructive surgeon work together closely – the goal is to adequately treat the cancer while  enabling the reconstructive process to be as smooth and successful as possible. Some types of reconstruction are crucial for the function of the body and others are designed to recreate a form (such as breast reconstruction).

Lifehouse has  a number of expert plastic surgeons who work in tandem with other surgeons to offer the best outcome for cancer patients.

They include head of department Harvey Stern, Sydney Ch’ng, Frederick Clark, Alexander Phoon, Philip Rome, Shagun Aggarwal, Megan Hassall, Ross D Farhadieh and Ilias Kotronakis.

Find a doctor and get a referral

If you would like to undertake your cancer treatment with us, you will first need to become a patient of Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. To do this, your GP or specialist will need to refer you to see one of our Lifehouse specialists.

The referral process is easy:

Your GP or specialist will submit your referral directly to Lifehouse.

Make an appointment

Once we’ve received your referral, one of our Patient Navigators will be in touch with you directly to book in your first appointment. Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time and research your transport options in advance.

When you arrive our friendly reception staff, wayfinding volunteers and digital wayfinding kiosks will help you navigate around the centre.

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