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Chris O’Brien Lifehouse has one of the busiest day therapy, medical oncology, chemotherapy and intravenous cancer treatment facilities in New South Wales. Our treatment is underpinned by a specialist research program that is designed to improve outcomes for patients.

We are supported by the biggest cancer clinical trials facility in New South Wales. This gives patients access to trials of the latest medicines before they are made widely available and develops our specialists’ knowledge about cancer treatments.

We take a multidisciplinary approach to cancer care, bringing together a wide range of skilled doctors, nurses and allied health professionals.

For our patients, this means access to the very best of treatments and experts available, as well as comprehensive information and support, all delivered within the one integrated cancer care plan.

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To refer a patient to a medical oncologist, download a general Lifehouse referral form. Alternatively, send a referral letter to the appropriate oncologist.  All referrals must indicate a specific clinician. A list of our oncologists is available here.

Send the completed form by fax to (02) 9383 1014 and include any relevant test results showing anomalies.

Once this is received, the referral will be triaged by our patient navigation team, and the appropriate patient navigator or VMO will contact the patient to arrange an appointment.

Patients will see the doctor indicated on the referral form/letter.

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