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The LivingRoom is the home of supportive cancer care and integrative medicine at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. Located on the ground floor, The LivingRoom offers evidence-based complementary therapies as part of the overall package of cancer care. For bookings and more information, contact the LivingRoom on (02) 8514 0038 or by email


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Welcome to the LivingRoom

What is integrative oncology?

Integrative oncology is a patient-centred field of cancer care that aims to optimise the health, quality of life and clinical outcomes of cancer patients.

Evidence-based complementary therapies are integrated into a patient’s treatment plan. These include mind and body practices, natural products and lifestyle modifications from different traditions, such as yoga, mindfulness and exercise and diet.

These therapies sit alongside rather than in place of standard cancer therapies, to help manage and ease the symptoms and side effects of cancer and its treatment. Integrative oncologists aim to empower people to prevent cancer and become active participants before, during and beyond cancer treatment.

What is supportive care?

Supportive care refers to the many ways our specialists can help manage a person’s cancer symptoms and side effects at all stages of cancer treatment from the time of diagnosis, during treatment and beyond.

To ensure our patients have the best quality of life while living with cancer, we care for the whole person and consider their physical, psychological and social well-being.

Holistic medical consultation

A holistic medical consultation provides a comprehensive review of your symptoms and gives you recommendations to control them.  You can have a holistic medical consultation at any stage of your disease from the time of diagnosis through to survivorship and for advanced cancer patients.

LivingRoom @ Home

The LivingRoom @ Home is a Telehealth and online program to care for you at home during social distancing and will continue as some face-to-face services gradually return. Our multidisciplinary team works together to ensure you get the best supportive care program to meet your needs. It is important to care for your body and mind as you are going through treatment for cancer.

These one-on-one sessions with our experienced practitioners will cover your medical history, illness and treatment. They may also involve a physical assessment, some questions around quality of life or any issues with fatigue. We will help you set goals, discuss potential limitations and develop a plan that is right for you.You may require a doctor’s referral in some cases to be eligible for a Medicare rebate. Contact with any questions or concerns.

Request a 1-on-1 Telehealth consultation by completing this online form.

Our LivingRoom team has created a selection of videos for you to follow along with at home. These short exercises and practices will help to keep you well in body and mind. They range from yoga, exercise and reflexology to lymphoedema massages.  View the full range on our Youtube Channel.

The LivingRoom team is here to guide and support you in managing your cancer, and this includes webinars and podcasts as we adapt to social distancing practices.

In the Living Well With Cancer webinar series, we cover a range of topics including exercise, lifestyle changes, resilience, managing lymphoedema, medicinal cannabis, acupuncture and more.  Watch them on our YouTube channel.

Our specialists are regular guests on podcasts:

  • Dr Judith Lacey has spoken on the ‘Integrative Oncology Talk’ podcast about her supportive care toolkit, listen here. Dr Lacey also appeared on the Cancer Council’s ‘The Thing About Advanced Cancer’ podcast on how to stay physically and emotionally well and maximise quality of life when living with advanced cancer.
  • Dr Toni Lindsay also spoke with the Cancer Council about caring for someone living with advanced cancer.
  • Medical Oncologist Dr Steven Kao discussed the limitations and potential of some promising new cancer treatments on ‘The Thing about Cancer.’
  • Oncology specialist dietitian Merran Findlay shared her knowledge on challenges with appetite loss and nausea that many cancer patients experience. Listen here.

Look Good Feel Better is a free national community service program run by the Cancer Patients Foundation, dedicated to teaching cancer patients how to manage the appearance-related side-effects caused by cancer treatment. Women, men and teens participate in practical workshop demonstrations covering skin care, make-up and head wear, leaving them empowered and ready to face their cancer diagnosis with confidence. Look Good Feel Better has developed a online workshops for skincare, makeup, wigs and headware.

Find out more and register here.


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