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The LivingRoom is the home of supportive cancer care and integrative medicine at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. Located on the ground floor, The LivingRoom offers evidence-based complementary therapies as part of the overall package of cancer care. For bookings and more information, contact the LivingRoom on (02) 8514 0038 or by email


Meet Dr Judith Lacey

Head of supportive care and integrative oncology

Dr Judith Lacey is the head of supportive care and integrative oncology at Lifehouse. Judith is committed to improving the quality of life and sense of well-being of all patients and has over 30 years’ experience in medicine with 20 years working in palliative and supportive care. Her primary interest is in the development and integration of supportive care interventions to keep people living well with cancer independent of prognosis or stage of disease.

What is integrative oncology?

Integrative oncology is a patient-centred field of cancer care that aims to optimise the health, quality of life and clinical outcomes of cancer patients.

Evidence-based complementary therapies are integrated into a patient’s treatment plan. These include mind and body practices, natural products and lifestyle modifications from different traditions, such as yoga, mindfulness and exercise and diet.

These therapies sit alongside rather than in place of standard cancer therapies, to help manage the symptoms and side effects of cancer and its treatment. Integrative oncologists aim to empower people to prevent cancer and become active participants before, during and beyond cancer treatment.

What is supportive care?

Supportive care refers to the many ways our specialists can help manage a person’s cancer symptoms and side effects at all stages of cancer treatment from the time of diagnosis, during treatment and beyond.

To ensure our patients have the best quality of life while living with cancer, we care for the whole person and consider their physical, psychological and social well-being.

What can you expect from a holistic medical consultation?

A holistic medical consultation with our supportive care and integrative oncology specialist physician includes:

  • Comprehensive assessment of current health condition: including full symptom review with specific assessment related to potential cancer treatment toxicities and cancer related symptoms.
  • A whole person care approach: a patient-tailored strategy of care attuned to the individual’s biophysical, psychological, social, cultural, and spiritual needs and concerns.
  • The best evidence based complementary therapies, lifestyle changes, nutrition and exercise therapies that are most beneficial to enhancing wellbeing and managing symptoms.
  • Exploration of the safe use of herbs and supplements (including medicinal cannabis).
  • Development of a multidisciplinary care plan together with the patient and treating team.

You can have a holistic medical consultation at any stage of your disease from the time of diagnosis through to survivorship and for advanced cancer patients. If you are concerned about your cancer risk, a consultation can help identify changes you can make to reduce the risk.


Complementary Therapies

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