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The Rapid Access Endoscopy (RAE) service based at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse is a streamlined cancer screening and cancer exclusion service (gastroscopy and colonoscopy). This service minimises harmful waiting times and test related anxiety by delivering diagnostic procedures within one to two weeks of referral.

Waiting times are minimised for patients well enough to undergo tests, by eliminating the need to schedule pre-procedure consultations with specialists in their consulting rooms (often a lengthy delay).  Patients are thoroughly assessed by our specialist nurses over the telephone, and are booked directly to have procedures after their questions have been answered by our team.

People who are uncomfortable or who have complicated medical problems can be rapidly triaged to a prioritised consultation time ahead of testing, to further avoid delays. This service offers optimal access to services, minimising harmful delays.

Universal no-gap billing (procedure, anaesthetic, and pathology fee) for insured patients is guaranteed throughout the service. This minimises the stress and anxiety suffered when being referred for cancer screening or exclusion.

How to refer

To refer a patient to the Rapid Access Endoscopy Service, GPs should visit the Refer a Patient page.

Aim of Referral

  • From GP to endoscopy within two weeks
  • Fit and well patients will have endoscopy without a consultation prior
  • Patients with a remarkable medical history may require a consultation first

At time of referral

  • GP to complete as many details on the referral form as possible, in particular a contact number for the patient
  • Referral can be to the Rapid Access Endoscopy Medical team or a specific doctor but either selection must be indicated on referral
  • The completed referral should be faxed (02) 9383 1074 or emailed (endorapidaccess@lh.org.au) to Lifehouse
  • The patient will then be booked on the theatre list and sent a Lifehouse welcome pack
  • Any missing information will be followed up by the Lifehouse Surgical Admissions reception staff

Billing Information

  • Private patients (who are Medicare eligible) will only be out of pocket any hospital excess
  • They will be contacted by Lifehouse and advised of any payments required prior to endoscopy
  • For self-pay and overseas patients they can contact the Surgical Admissions Unit to obtain a quote
  • Public patients will be referred to our team for a procedure outside of Lifehouse (this cannot be guaranteed within two weeks)

If You Need Help

    • Please call the Surgical Admissions team on (02) 8514 1000 for any questions or to clarify a process

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