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Outpatient pain clinic

This is an outpatient clinic to help patients who are experiencing chronic pain or pain-related side effects from their cancer treatment.

The clinic runs on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons. Our pain medicine specialists provide treatment for a variety of pain-related issues and advice on managing pain once you have returned home.

The service is available to patients from rural and remote areas via telehealth.

What do we offer?

  • Pre-operative pain assessment and peri-operative pain management planning
  • Outpatient follow-up for patients with ongoing pain issues or high analgesia requirements
  • Advice and assistance in management of poorly controlled pain
  • Interventional pain procedures such as regional analgesia, neuro-ablation and neurolysis
  • Telehealth service for patients from remote regions

This clinic is for the management of pain related to cancer or its treatment. If you experience chronic pain that isn’t related to cancer, ask your GP to refer you to your local chronic pain clinic.

Indications for referral:

Patients who are currently being treated at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, including for surgical and post-discharge follow up, can be referred to the service.

A referral may be issued by your treating specialist or a nurse practitioner. Please send your referral form and any queries you have to the patient navigator painservice@lh.org.au or the specialist pain nurse at painservice@lh.org.au.

You can call (02) 8514 0639 to speak with one our friendly staff.

Room 7, Clinic A (Tuesday mornings)
Room 12, Clinic A (Thursday afternoons)
Level 2 Outpatient Clinic
Chris O’Brien Lifehouse

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