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Head and neck cancer is a group of more than ten types of cancer that originate in the head and neck region. We have a range of multidisciplinary clinics for the investigation and treatment of head and neck cancers.

For any questions, call the head and neck cancer service manager on (02) 8514 1408 or email headandneck@lh.org.au.

Rapid access head and neck cancer diagnosis

Early detection and diagnosis are vital to the effective treatment of head and neck cancer. If you have are concerned about unusual symptoms, you may be able to attend our rapid access clinic.

Rapid access assessment clinic

If you are already a patient of the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse head and neck service and you are experiencing concerns or complications from treatment, you can attend this walk-in same-day service.

Our highly trained and experienced nurse practitioners can provide care and expert advice that may avoid a hospital admission or presentation at the emergency department.

Where: Day Therapy, level 1, Chris O’Brien Lifehouse
When: Tuesdays 11am – 1pm
How to attend: Walk-in service

Regional head and neck cancer clinics

We are working closely with local communities and healthcare providers to provide ready access to complex cancer care in rural and regional NSW. Surgery is performed at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse in Sydney, but all non-surgical and follow-up care is provided close to home by our specialists.

Clinic details:

The Standish Consulting Rooms
33 Berry Street
Nowra NSW 2541

Fax: (02) 4421 0944
Telehpone: (02) 8514 0352

Orange Dermatology and Medical and Surgical Consulting
117 Moulder Street
Orange NSW 2800

Fax: (02) 9383 1460
Telephone: (020 8514 1460

Port Family Practice
3/85 Lord Street
Port Macquarie

Fax: (02) 9383 1033
Telephone: (02) 8514 0470

Regional Specialists Centre
21 -23 The Ringers Road
Hillvue NSW 2340

Fax: (02) 9383 1033
Telephone: (02) 8514 0470

Sydney facial nerve clinic

We run a multidisciplinary clinic for the investigation and treatment of tumours and facial reconstruction or reanimation. You will see a range of facial nerve specialists in one setting, including ear, nose and throat specialists, plastic and reconstructive surgeons, head and neck surgeons and physiotherapists who specialise in treating facial nerve disorders.

Visit our clinic if you have the following symptoms:

  • Recurrent or persistent facial palsy for greater than three months with limited or no recovery
  • Loss of hearing with facial palsy
  • The presence of a lump in-front of or below your ear
  • Symptoms which are worsening rather than getting better after the first week of onset
  • A tumour that was treated and has resulted in facial weakness or deformity

Patients with facial palsy should first visit their GP or local emergency department.

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