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We know that centralised management of patients with curable malignancies and rare cancers optimises management and improves outcomes for patients.

That’s why we’ve established a dedicated one stop clinic for women diagnosed or suspected of having gestational trophoblastic disease (GTD) or molar pregnancy. A specialist consultant, Clinical Associate Professor Trevor Tejada-Berges and Nurse Practitioner, Shannon Philp, coordinate the clinic and are available to review patients. We accept referrals for management advice or complete management and follow up, and can include referring practitioners in all management decisions if suitable.

What we offer

We offer comprehensive management and coordinated care which includes contraception advice, psychological assessment and referral if required. The patient’s pathology is reviewed and clinical care is discussed at our weekly Multidisciplinary Team Meeting (MDT). This ensures seamless referrals for chemotherapy treatment if this becomes necessary. The Nurse Practitioner ensures that patients receive all of the information and emotional support they require and is heavily involved in the patient’s follow up.

Who can be referred

Open to all women with a known or suspected partial or complete molar pregnancy or other gestational trophoblastic diseases.

How to refer

GTD Staff Contact Details

Ms Shannon Philp
Nurse Practitioner
8514 0414

Clin. A/Prof. Trevor Tejada-Berges
85414 0262

A referral template can be found here.

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