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The Patient Portal is a customised online application that provides specifically tailored information and support to patients at Lifehouse.

The aim of the portal is to create a supportive online care and education environment, accessible to patients undertaking treatment at Lifehouse who are over 18 and have access to a smart phone.

The portal program is an innovative step to encourage greater and more wide-ranging patient engagement. It is a beneficial tool for both patients and Lifehouse health practitioners, allowing those involved to communicate and interact in a sophisticated and secure manner online.

Our patient portal can also be used as a tool to track data collected by Misfit wearables. Misfits are activity and sleep monitors that can track patient movement and physical activity levels to provide information on patient progress, displayed on a ‘My Day Page’.

The portal is also used to provide up to date educational material to patients and carers, with a focus on supportive care information. This includes exercise, nutrition, mind-body therapies and supplements.

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