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Xavier Neil is a 9-year-old from Newcastle who was introduced to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse earlier this year through SurFebruary: a 28-day challenge to surf every day of February to raise money for the hospital.

What started as a simple suggestion from his dad, Xavier’s daily surfing soon established a phenomenal bed of support from his local Newcastle community. “Strangers were coming up to me at the beach each morning telling me how proud they were for what I was doing and it made me feel warm inside.”

After an incredible campaigning/surfing marathon, Xav raised an awesome $12,796 for Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. But his fundraising efforts didn’t stop there.

To grow his blossoming career in philanthropy, Xav started his own passion project:


With his mum, Xavier started making an array of surf themed soaps and lip balms to sell, with all proceeds directed straight to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. Since starting the project in June 2019, Xavier has raised a phenomenal $6,000 for the hospital.

 “I hope that, when people use these awesome products or if you gift them to someone you love, you feel the Good Karma. The produce we are making are made with love and with the aim of making a difference in some small way.”

 Xavier will be taking on SurFebruary again in 2020 and hopes to raise even more money for Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

 “I learnt through SurFebruary that it will take a lot of money and research to cure cancer and so this small project is my way of raising a little bit ongoing to try and help. We are helping to create a little more awareness that no matter how little, we can all do something to help people living with cancer.”

 Thank you so much Xavier for your phenomenal support!

You can learn more about Xavier and Good X Karma through their instagram page.

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