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As we continue to study and understand the mechanisms that drive cancer, more effective treatments are discovered to improve outcomes for patients. Yet despite the need for cancer research, only 12% of projects receive funding.

Dr Mun Hui, medical oncologist and breast cancer specialist at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, is currently undertaking research with her team that could be a break-through discovery for chemotherapy-resistant cancer types.

“Unfortunately, there are cancers that are resistant to the killing effect of chemotherapy. Our research is looking at single cells within the cancer tissue, to determine what is causing this resistance. Once we can understand these mechanisms, we’re able to develop new treatments to improve outcomes for patients,” says Dr Hui. “We’re the leading lab in Australia to do this single-cell sequencing of cancers.”

Dr Hui and her team are conducting this research using breast cancer cells, however the results of the study can translate to many other cancer streams.

“We have Professor Horvath’s lab [Director of Research at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse] collaborating with us to do something similar in prostate cancer, and we’re also collaborating with specialists in the melanoma space as well,” says Dr Hui.

Your donations towards our tax appeal in 2019 went directly to Professor Horvath’s research into treatment-resistant prostate cancer. Because of you, the team was able to begin this project and collect the necessary preliminary data that led to a $1.9 million grant from the National Health and Medical Research Council. This grant will allow additional research into new and more effective treatments for prostate cancer.

“In research, you need to show preliminary data before you can apply for grants to further your research. Seed funding is crucial to start our project, to generate pilot data and allow us to determine that this research has the potential to work. The research we do can’t happen without that crucial initial funding,” says Dr Hui.

You can support ground-breaking research at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse by donating today.

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