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“A sarcoma involves several incredibly difficult conversations, bucket loads of tears from those around you, and it requires the most determination you could possibly channel.”
– Gabriella Wehbe, 18-year-old patient

Gabriella Wehbe, sarcoma patient

“I was told I only had a 20% chance of long-term survival, but I was determined to be one of the 20%.”

After noticing a painful lump on her foot during the City2Surf, Gabriella Wehbe took the right measures to have it checked out and it was deduced to be nothing more than a ganglion that could be removed through a simple surgery.

Routine testing following her surgery found this seemingly insignificant lump was much more. It was alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma and it was going to change her life.

Although sarcoma is considered a rare cancer, it still affects around 800 people in NSW each year and most of these are adolescents.

Sarcoma is a malignant tumour that is derived from cancerous bone and soft tissue and, while some cancers have a cure rate of around 80 per cent, the prognosis is significantly less optimistic for sarcoma patients.

Lifehouse is the state-wide referral centre for sarcoma and sees 90% of all bone tumours. It is crucial we have the appropriate equipment and specialised staff in order to treat our sarcoma patients and offer them the best chance possible.

Your gift today will support the purchase of the necessary equipment and allows us to create a future of hope for patients like Gabriella.

See her speech at the University of Sydney below.

The absence of funding allocated to sarcoma, equates to less than 1% of total cancer funding, and does not allow for new ground breaking research to be accomplished. Your help can change this.

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